Best Drug Detoxification Shampoo

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People who are using drugs and have an upcoming drug test should be looking for ways to pass. You can get more info about drug tests here. With a lot of tips and tricks that they can get from many websites today, it can be confusing which ones should they follow. 

A lot of users, especially those who are avid smokers of marijuana may find it hard to pass a test. This can be especially true if the test is going to require passing hair strands to serve as samples on laboratories. As what studies have found out, the metabolites of marijuana and other drugs stay in the hair for at least 90 days. Some even stay for 120 days or more. 

With the latest technology today, it is easy to detect if the hair came out from a person’s head or if the sample used belongs to another. Many experts can also detect if there are adulterants on the samples. With adulterants, it can mean that an employee may use extensions or wigs to serve as samples which are an automatic fail if a clinician catches him or her.

What You Can Do to Pass

Passing a hair drug test means that you need to be vigilant with your drug use. Stop smoking for a whole month to cleanse your whole system. Here are other tips and tricks that you can do.

1. Exercise Regularly

Sweating through exercises will help you remove the toxins through your sweat pores. Instead of the metabolites going to your follicles, you can instead remove them from your body through everyday jogging or doing pilates. Exercise makes your body fit and can also melt the fats in your body. THC is a fat-soluble molecule so it will attach itself to the fat cells of the body. If you have fewer fats, the THC will simply be removed from your body through your urine, sweat, or tears.

2. Cut Your Hair

If possible, you can cut your hair prior to the test. You can shave all your body hair to get a better chance of passing. If you are known to be bald inside the office, the testers will require hair from your armpits. If you are not shaved or bald, and you just smoked marijuana a week before, be prepared to have a positive result which is an automatic fail.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

To flush out the THC metabolites, eating well will help you a lot. Fruits have vitamins and minerals that will hasten the flushing out of the toxins inside the body. When you eat healthily, you will be able to get more antioxidants in the body which can mask the presence of illegal substances. Eating a healthy diet whether you are using illegal substances or not should be a regular practice that you should do.

4. Detox Your Hair

As what many people realize, it can be difficult to adulterate the hair sample. The sample produces accurate results and putting bleach on it when you have an upcoming test can arouse suspicion. The best thing to do is to detox your hair using a shampoo. You can know more about these kinds of shampoo on sites such as which discusses in detail the effectiveness of the product.

5. Drink Diuretics

Diuretics are substances that will make you urinate more. Drink plenty of water and top it with diuretics. This way, the metabolites will be flushed out with your urine instead of going on your hair follicles. Some of the most popular diuretics are raspberry juice and coffee. Only drink the ones that you like. There are diuretics that can cause an allergic reaction to the drinker so choose well. 

When it comes to drug testing, a clinician will simply require five clumps of hair from your head. This is taken from different parts to ensure that the results will be more accurate. Each clump can consist of 50 to 60 strands depending on the laboratory. The strands are then tested inside the laboratory for the presence of illegal substances. As many people know, the hair tells a story of the substances that you have taken in the previous months or weeks. If you are abusing on medication, your hair will tell it to the clinicians. 

Why You Need to Pass Your Test

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If you are wondering why you need to bother passing your test, then here are several reasons for you. Forget about your dream promotion if your results come out positive. You might think that other companies will accept you. Think again. Most drug results are submitted to the federal government’s database. Most companies will see if you have a track record of using drugs. You can even pay fines or go to jail.

Do What You Can to Pass

Most users are just smoking a pot of weed or two during the weekends for recreational purposes. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, everything can turn downhill if your company discovers that you are using pot to forget about the hated supervisor in your workplace. You should not admit that you hate your supervisor as well as you should never admit that you are using pot to get high. 

Drug testing is a serious business which many companies are prepared to spend a fortune. You can do everything to delay your testing date or cleanse yourself from toxins by using effective products. As long as your results will come out negative, no questions are asked, you get your job offer, you will get a promotion, you will not have trouble with the law, and you will have a peaceful life. 

You can do research on online forums about the things that were effective on previous drug test takers. There might even be employees that can give you specific tips on what to do if you are detected to be a positive user. Nothing is impossible and you should do everything you can to pass the test.