Mind-blowing facts about New York.

New York is a favorite destination for many people in the world. However, many people have only heard about this beautiful city from books and sizzling movies. So how well do you know this city? Well, some of these facts may turn the city to your dream destination. APT 212 takes you through sip through the mind-blowing facts about New York.

The library has millions of books.

New York City boasts of having one of the largest libraries in the world. Are you a book warmer, then your needs are catered for. The city’s Public library contains more than fifty million books with thousands of readers trooping in daily.

Language diversity.

Most New York dwellers come from different walks of life in the world, with a staggering 37% of the population being from other counties of the world. This amounts to more than 800 languages that are spoken in New York.

The large population and languages mean that the city is full of diverse cultures who dwell there.

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most durable bridges.

The city of New York is known for the Brooklyn Bridge which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn spanning the East River. The bridge was opened in the 1880s and up to date is known for serving thousands of commuters and vehicles daily. The bridge is even older than London’s tower bridge, one of the most iconic bridges in the world.

New York hosted the first Pizzeria worldwide.

New York boasts of having opened the first Pizzeria in 1895. Funny enough is that the price of pizza has remained constant for more than 50 years. This has made New York to be known for the so-called pizza principle.

New York has the largest gold storage.

The city hosts the famous Federal Reserve Bank which is located in the heart of district Wall Street. This bank is known for having the largest gold storage in the whole world. Over 7000 tons of gold bars are stored in this bank, equal to over 5% of the world’s gold. Well, you want to see this for yourself, then worry not because the public is allowed to tour the place.

Home to an underground park.

Ever thought that the wild animals can leave in an underground habitat? Then New York is here for you. The city has the Lowline underground park, the first in the world. Located in West of Manhattan, the park is home to a variety of wildlife. Though the park is not complete, it is considered of being one of the best attractions in the world come 2022.

The city of billionaires

New York is home to more than 350,000 billionaires. This makes it the second city that has many billionaires, coming after Tokyo in Japan, which is the city with many billionaires in the world.

Honking a car is illegal.

Motorists are not allowed to honk cars in the streets of New York apart from emergency response teams. This is seen as a measure to curb noise pollution in the city.

New York has several facts, some of which can only be realized upon visiting the city. While in New York for that vacation or tour, remember to book an apartment from APT 212. We are the home to the best apartments in the city at a friendly price. Reach to us at APT 212 to enjoy many more deals.