German Shepherd Dogs: Sharp and Loyal Canine Breed


When it comes to German shepherd dogs, the picture of a diligent, extremely intelligent, faithful, and gentle canine breed comes to the mind. German Shepherd dog is one of the smartest dog breeds. The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) exhibits large sizes. Male canines feature between 24 to 26 inches while female GSDs come in 22 to 24 inches. Besides, they feature athletic yet simple structures. That is why they are agile as well as powerful.

German shepherds are extremely herding canines. However, they are well suitable for performing as service animals. German shepherds also work as working dogs in various important operations. Also, they act as efficient guard dogs. Moreover, the German shepherd breed can make an ideal companion for the right owners. 

German Shepherd- In a Nutshell

German shepherds belong to the herding group. Their height is in the range of 22 to 26 inches and weight is between 60 to 100 pounds. These dogs have a coarse double coat with medium length. 

Most of the coat colors of German shepherds are acceptable, including gray, black & cream, black & silver, sable, black & tan, solid black, and so on. However, liver or blue is not favorable colors for German shepherds, as per their standards. Besides, white is an unacceptable color, according to the breed standard. The life expectancy of German shepherds is 7 to 10 years. 

How to Take Care of German Shepherds?

German shepherds exhibit coarse, rough, medium-length hair along with bushy undercoats. Owners need to brush his/her German shepherd’s coats very frequently. Moreover, these dogs display a considerably high shedding rate. However, owners can alleviate it through routine grooming. 

It is very natural to discover hairs around if a German shepherd is there in the house. Hence, frequent vacuuming is necessary for German shepherd owners. The coat of German shepherds can withstand dirt and scrap. That is why the owners need to bathe their German shepherds only once a month. Otherwise, the natural oils of its body could get removed, and it won’t be good for its health. 

The German shepherd owners must trim the nails of their pets to enable them to walk around with ease. Moreover, it is also a must to assist the canine to keep up proper dental hygiene. Therefore, owners must brush their teeth a few times a week. 

GSDs exhibit powerful jaws and they tend to chew. Therefore, owners should make robust chew toys available for them. These canines may often become aggressive or anxious in case they are not well trained as well as controlled. German shepherd dogs can be trained to carry out a task. Performing tasks give them a sense of pride. 

Thorough training is necessary for German shepherds. However, the canine breed is eager to work as well as intelligent. Therefore, training these dogs is comparatively easy. Besides, appropriate socialization is also a must to ensure to eliminate their stress or scared feelings whenever they interact with new animals or individuals. 

Proper socializing is also imperative whenever German shepherds face a new environment. GSDs usually want to keep them aloof whenever they are around new individuals. Moreover, they can become suspicious. 

Day-to-Day Activities of German Shepherds

German shepherds exhibit amazing energy level. Therefore, proper day-to-day exercise is a must for them. Even they need much more exercise than just a regular walk. Joggers can find German shepherds a decent running companion for them. 

The GSD must play, run, and discover to weed out boredom, suppressed energy, and frustrations. A bored canine may show various issues, such as digging, barking, etc. 

Nature of German Shepherds

In short, GSDs can act as extremely gentle companions if trained well. They can also work as family protectors if get the correct training. Moreover, socialization is also essential in these regards. The German shepherd is an appropriate canine breed when it comes to active households.

Diet & Nutrition

Owners must serve two meals per day to their German shepherds. It needs to be dry dog food of two cups at a maximum. However, the food serving size is based on various factors of GSDs, such as age, activity level, size, and so on. 

German shepherds are susceptible to bloating as well as potential stomach torsion. Therefore, it is recommended for the owners to refrain from serving a large meal each day to their GSDs. Thus, they can prevent their pets to gulp the food down. Moreover, it is also essential to ensure fresh and clean water for German shepherds. 

Adoption of German Shepherds

Do you want to adopt a GSD? Then, you can contact either German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions or German Shepherd Dog Club of America. These two groups offer necessary guidance and let the enthusiasts know about the phases of adoption. Are you curious whether a German shepherd would be an ideal canine breed for you or not? Then, it may be a good idea to go for foster care to find out whether a GSD would be a suitable breed for your household. 

Freight Charges In China

All businesses either domestic or international need to deliver the goods to the customers; therefore shipping has become a major part of the trade business. All the countries have a set of guidelines for import and export. 

The following points will guide you on the freight charges in China:


  • EXW (Ex works) does not include transportation and export clearance.
  • FOB (Free on Board) takes care of most of the documentation and clearances the supplier is responsible for the safe delivery of goods.
  • CIF (Cost, Freight and Insurance) takes care of the shipping (and insurance) while local charges are not included.
  • DAT (Delivered at Terminal) ships the consignment to the destination and the buyer doesn’t have any payment to make.
  • DAP (Delivered at Place) ships the consignment from the origin till the buyer receives it.

Movement from Warehouse to the port

The shipment needs to be sent to the port after the production gets completed, the seller ships to the port. The cost of the transportation mainly depends on the distance, to transfer an FCL 20” container it should cost approximately RMB 3,000 (Around $480). FOB price already includes local transportation and most of the buyers choose FOB terms hence the transportation is already paid off.

Movement from Warehouse to the port: $50 to $480 (Included in FOB)

Export Clearance in China

The export clearance of the goods must be completed before the goods are shipped. Any shipment without proper documentation will be penalized by the customs authorities. The procedures necessary to follow are included in the FOB fee. Ex Works (EXW) terms will not include inland transportation and export clearance documentation hence if you choose to opt for EXW terms considering a freight forwarder for such clearance documentation is better. It might cost from US$100 to US$200.

Export Clearance in China: $100 to $300 (Included in FOB)

Freight Cost

The cost of shipment delivery from the origin to the destination is the freight cost. The local charges are the component that is used to balance the cost if the freight cost is high the local charges are less and vice versa. 

The cost of the shipment depends on the weight, size of the cargo and the distance to be covered. 

Sample price of FCL shipment for few destinations in Australia, Asia, EU, and the US are as follows:

  • Shenzhen – Los Angeles: $2,310 – $2,370
  • Shenzhen – Sydney: $700 – $800
  • Shenzhen – Singapore: $250 – $280
  • Shenzhen – Dubai: $1,350 – $1,400

LCL on the other hand is very low in price as the container is filled as per cubic meter and priced the same way. The LCL rates are very low ranging from US$30 to US$40 per cubic meter.

Freight Cost: Depends on location, volume, weight, and destination


Insurance is the most vital element in the shipment, only if the goods are properly insured you will have a safe shipment delivery. There is rarely any shipment without insurance, checking the packaging of the goods before the shipment is sent will prevent huge losses. Low-quality packaging will spoil the goods and the entire consignment will be ruined therefore it is a mandate to not only have goods specifically insured but also check the packaging and the quality before the shipment starts from the place of origin.

PingAn charges 0.02% based on 110% of the FOB price, for example, if your shipment is of US$50,000, the insurance will cost US$110.

Insurance: 0.2% x 1.1 x Cargo Value (Included in CIF)

Document Delivery

Documentation is a crucial factor; all the documents needed for the shipment of goods must follow the necessary regulations. The following are few documents which the buyer needs to pay for, it may come under additional shipping cost for delivery of:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List 
  • Form A or Country of Origin Certificate

The delivery of the above-listed documents through FedEx or DHL delivery will cost around US$40 to US$50.

Document Delivery (DHL): $40 to $50

Port Charges at Destination

As already stated the local charges are applied once the shipment reaches the port of destination where the buyer has to pay some additional costs, there are some kickback rates offered by the freight forwarders to the suppliers which will offer them a good deal but the actual costs are added up at the destination making the shipment invoice a surprise for the buyer.

For FCL shipment the prices are between US$500 to US$1000 per container.

Port Charges at Destination: $100 to $450 (Included in DAP and DDU)

Customs clearance 

Before the shipment arrives at the port of destination the customs clearance must be done. The customs bonds can be obtained for one or multiple entries. Single entry bond will cost around US$100 – US$200, and a continuous entry customs bond costs US$250 – US$450. Importers who ship frequently must invest in continuous customs bond.

Customs clearance: $100 to $200 (Single Entry)

Local transportation at the destination

Once the shipment reaches the destination country the delivery can then be locally transported to the warehouse or the customer’s place directly. The local charges will be based on the distance, weight, and other factors involved in the freight cost.

A Sample Shipping Quotation 

People without any knowledge in the industry will have trouble understanding the freight cost. The billing information terms and calculations cannot be estimated if you do not have an idea about the charges and the regulations. 

Therefore freight forwarders offer a simple quotation like the below mentioned to give insights to the client.

  • CFS Charges: $59.50
  • Origin Documentation Fee: $40.00
  • ENS Fee Exempt: $270.00
  • Re-weighting and VGM Sending-Fee – LCL: $16.00
  • Export Customs Clearance Fee: $33.00
  • Freight: $300.20
  • Cargo Insurance: $ 50.15
  • Destination – Other Charges: $700.62

This kind of quotation is simple to understand and it shows a fixed price for each fee.

It is recommended to request total DAP or DDU price, based on the following:

  • Weight and volume
  • Port of loading
  • Port of destination
  • Final delivery address

The information can be taken as a reference to understand charges and concur with any unexpected fees at the landed cost.

Freight rates are based on the market rates comparing with more forwarders will let you negotiate terms. Beware of scammers as there is very little room for the forwarders to get profit margin you can easily get scammed if you don’t be prudent.

You can request a free real-time quote for your shipping needs.

Choosing The Right Electrician In 2020

Nowadays, almost every home uses electricity as a source of power. Electricity is not only used for lighting but to electrical power devices such as televisions and desktops. When something goes wrong with your electrical system, you need the services of an electrician. Electrical problems need to be addressed fast because they can result in electric fire and shocks that put lives at risk if neglected. Therefore, if you want your electrical work done correctly, it is essential to hire or look for the best electrician.


These days, such technicians have increased in number, making it difficult to choose the right ones. But there are a few things you need to look for to narrow down the list. The first thing you need to look for before you choose an electrician in 2020 is a license. For such a technician to be licensed, he or she has to complete a specific training program. The program trains them on how to undertake electrical work on both residential and commercial properties. Ask for his or her license to confirm whether he qualifies before he commences any electrical work. It would be best if you do not use your hard-earned cash to hire a handyman who knows a bit of electrics. Instead, look for someone who is experienced and trained in this trade.


Besides checking licenses, you also need to ensure that the electrician you are about to hire is registered with NICEIC. Electricians in 2020 are required to register with this organization because it regularly assesses their work not only to endure that they are competent but also to meet industry safety standards. Before choosing an electrician, the other thing you need to check is proof of public liability insurance. If he or she is legit, he or she won’t hesitate to show the documents. These days, such technicians are required by law to be insured. This is not only for their well-being but also for protecting their clients from being held liable if something goes wrong.


An electrician’s reputation is another thing you need to look for in 2020 before you hire him or her services. Because he has worked with other clients before, you should ask them to provide references and contact them. You should ask his previous customers whether they were happy with their work before hiring their services. If the electrician has a business website, you should open the review page. Please go through all the reviews left by previous customers to see how the electrician handled their complaints. If he has many negative reviews, you should consider other electricians in your list because he might not deliver high standard services.


If you do not find an electrician who meets those things I have mentioned above, referrals are other things you can rely on. Your friends, coworkers, or relatives might have hired such technicians before and might recommend one who asked for help. But before you consider electricians recommended by them, it is important to ask whether they meet work deadlines. You can also search for a licensed electrician near me on the internet as it is regarded as the best source of information in 2020. Because the internet will provide a long list of electricians, you can scale it down by specifically searching for a licensed electrician near me. When you pick one of them, check whether they have the right work permits to offer electrical services.

Important tips for someone who plans on buying Wedding Jewellery

It is very important to plan before you go for your wedding shopping, because otherwise this is such a tiresome and gigantic task that brides often freak out and lose their mind because of the constant pressure of getting things right. 

Start early—as gold prices are much higher than they were 10 years ago, any prior purchases by your parents for your wedding can be VERY CONSCIOUS. But if you want to buy a piece of new Jewellery closer to your wedding day, plan it and PUT it back.

“Make” your own souvenirs—By choosing timeless, classic elements of wedding Jewellery, your Jewellery journey will be passed down from generation to generation. So go for classic styles such as a temple-style gold necklace or a simple diamond necklace or even tennis diamond necklace and make history.  Even if your style is different or if some elements don’t feel bridal enough for you, you can always modify and modernize some elements to make them more for you.

Golden advice for every bride 

Gold is a girl’s best friend—yes, a diamond should be your best friend. And yes, people are still eager to wear this gigantic, rough diamond polka dot even though it’s been several years since that movie. BUT don’t forget that the true value lies in gold. Gold is a great financial investment that has a fair resale value as opposed to Jewellery such as the famous Rough Diamonds which are infamously known as the worst Jewellery investment. It’s also a great investment in style and is gaining ground this wedding season!

Jewellery first, then the outfit—Do not make this mistake in life when buying Jewellery based on clothing. Your Jewellery will be worn more often than this wedding dress, so focus on buying that is more “for you” and then find an outfit that suits it.

Keep your balance—Try to strike a balance between gold and silver trim Jewellery. It will be quite annoying to find yourself mostly stuck with yellow gold pieces when most of your dresses and gowns feature silver work or contemporary sequins. The same goes for stones – you may love red, but if you already have a red-stone or ruby set, go for a green stone or emerald set to make sure you always have something to wear.

Don’t worry too much about prices

Ten years ago, the idea of wearing fake Jewellery at your wedding would be blasphemy for most people and they would be worried about your guests. But now brides feel comfortable choosing “fake” silver necklaces and earrings over rough diamonds. Unlike men as men  prefer strong wedding rings,  Each bride has different priorities for her wedding, and we understand that spending a large chunk of your Jewellery budget may not be the path you want to go. Don’t forget the “little” big things when you are buying a set for Wedding .If you’re the type who likes to wear small pendant sets or diamond earrings every day – make part of your wedding Jewellery budget to buy Jewellery that you will REALLY wear every day. Also, don’t forget that these seemingly innocent diamond solitaire games don’t come cheap.

Top Five Areas Most Business Forget To Clean

Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, people have become more aware of cleanliness. And while everyone has gotten into the habit of keeping their hands and other personal things clean and sanitized, there are surfaces that we interact with daily, which get overlooked. Let’s use businesses as an example – especially those that operate in office spaces. As it turns out, office cleaning is a bit more complicated than what many people think.

While you might do an excellent job at cleaning general areas, there are many surfaces that you might miss when cleaning. Here’s a list of the top five places people often forget about when cleaning their office space.


When cleaning your office, don’t forget about your walls. People usually do not think about office walls until they are thinking of hanging a picture. Apart from holding up the ceiling, there often is not much about walls to grab people’s attention – which is why people typically ignore or forget about walls when office cleaning. However, as time goes by, they will attract dust, which, if not cleaned, will lead to a buildup that not only makes the office look dirtier but also duller.


Did you know that the buttons you press every day are as germ-infested as door handles? A lot of people forget to clean door handles when cleaning their offices. And those who do understand how germ-infested these surfaces can be. With that being said, it’s worth noting that there are equally-dirty surfaces that get very little attention compared to door handles – buttons: water fountain buttons, vending machine buttons, elevator buttons, etc. Something worth noting is that some of these are touched as often, or even more than door handles, picking up germs from everybody in the process. However, since most of them are tiny, they often get overlooked.

Spaces Behind Machines

How many machines do you have in your office? As a business, you probably have several printers, computers, and copiers all over the place. If you have a break room, then you probably have several kitchen appliances, including a refrigerator and a microwave, right? Chances are these surfaces get cleaned quite often, considering that they are a crucial part of your business. But what about the spaces behind and between them? How often do you have those cleaned? If your answer was “never,” don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The spaces behind and between equipment and machines are amongst the most neglected when it comes to office cleaning.


Office phones are some of the most germ-infested surfaces you will find in any office as they are often overlooked during cleaning. This is quite disturbing considering the number of people who use them and how often they are used. The worst part is that people do not just touch them with their hands; they also put them up against their faces and speak into them. Phones in the office can become a source of infectious diseases and should be disinfected regularly to keep this from happening.

Light Fixtures

Many people don’t even think about light fixtures when cleaning or having their office space cleaned. The only time these fixtures get some attention is when a bulb has stopped working. However, these fixtures, including light covers and switches, can get dusty and need to be cleaned.

Office Cleaning

As a business, this is the time to start focusing on having overlooked surfaces cleaned. The good thing is that the team at HRM JANITORIAL is comprised of professionals who know what needs to be done. We have experience cleaning all the different types of surfaces most people overlook, which means we do not miss anything. Give us a call now to get a free estimate and learn more about our office cleaning solutions and how we can help you keep your office space clean.

Why Are Persian Rugs So Popular?

Persian rugs are known for their softness, highly intricate designs, and high value. Owning a Persian rug is often seen as a mark of sophistication and that you know what a quality item is. The tradition of owning these rugs and their popularity has not really wavered for hundreds of years. Aside from what we’ve just noted, what makes Persian rugs so popular and why should you consider investing in one?

They Are An Investment

As noted above, when you buy a Persian rug you are doing more than just buying a decorative piece for your home, you are making an investment. While ordinary rugs made by machines tend to wear out in time, Persian rugs can last several lifetimes. What’s more, depending on the quality and how well they have been preserved and looked after, they can increase significantly in value over time.

They Are Pieces of Art

Genuine Persian rugs are unique from one another. You won’t find any that follow the exact same pattern or have the same design or coloring. As you delve deeper into the artistry behind these magnificent furnishings, you will find that each location, weaver, and designer responsible for a specific rug will have their own features that differentiate them from others.

They Are Comfortable and Welcoming

What is one reason why most people choose any kind of rug? That’s right because they add a level of welcoming warmth and comfort to any room or home they are placed. With Persian rugs, this is very true. They have dense fibers that retain heat and if you have wooden and exposed floors that get cold under your feet, a hand-knotted woolen rug is just what you need to warm them up. Persian rugs are also great for sound insulation as the fibers trap the vibrations made by sound against hard floors and walls in your home. 

They Have A Timeless Appeal That Will Never Diminish 

Are you fashion and trend-conscious and always want to keep up with the latest movements? With Persian rugs, you don’t need to worry so much about that. Persian rugs have been made, sold and collected for more than 1000 years. At that time, they have remained as popular as they were from the beginning right down to the modern-day and there are no signs that this is going to change. Think of the appeal of Persian rugs as being like the appeal of diamonds – its timeless and ageless. 

They Are Fascinating 

Persian rugs reveal much about the area from which they come from. Just as certain periods and parts of the world are known for certain things, Iran and its ancient past are known for their hand-knotted textiles. When you take the time to investigate their history, you will find that it is as fascinating and engrossing as it is to sit on one and look at its amazing patterns, colors and the craftsmanship that went into creating it.

Should You Sell a Home as Furnished or Unfurnished?

When it comes to selling your home, there are so many things to consider. For example, valuations, home-improvements to help the sale, whether you might need storage or temporary accommodation, the list goes on. An additional consideration in the process could be whether you boost your home’s value by selling it as a furnished property. It sounds straightforward, but, in fact, it comes with its own considerations. Let us look at the pros and cons:

Selling your home furnished

The pros: Putting your home on the market as a furnished property can be a big selling point, particularly to first time buyers who may not have all the furniture they need. It can add value to your property as you will include a whole load more in the deal. This, in turn, will allow you to either use the extra cash on new furniture for your move or shop around for an already furnished property yourself. Not only is this a great time-saver, but it will also save you money on removals and storage.

The cons: Taste in furniture is subjective, and your furnished house might not appeal to everyone in the market for a new home. First-time buyers might love the idea of a furnished property, but they may be the only ones those already on the property ladder will likely have furniture of their own. The chances of potential homebuyers willing to also sell their property fully furnished and move into your fully furnished property are relatively slim. Besides that, do you really want to give up the furniture you chose for yourself? It is quite a personal choice but, as we mentioned, there are still some upsides.

Selling your home unfurnished:

The pros: It is probably the most traditional and expected way to put your home on the market so that buyers will not be expecting anything different. Unfurnished property can often be more appealing to a buyer as it allows them to envision their own style within the home, and doesn’t throw a spanner in the works if they already have a lot of furniture that they want to bring with them. You get to take your furniture with you to your new home instantly bringing home-comforts to your new property and saving on any extra time it could take to find and purchase new furniture for the move.

Cons: One of the more stressful aspects of moving to a new house is having to empty the property of furniture, organise and pay for removals and potential storage. A furnished home could bring the property to a higher market value and will certainly appeal to buyers who are relocation or buying for the first time and do not have any furniture to bring with them. If you were hoping for a brand new start, all new furnishings in an all-new home, selling your existing property unfurnished would mean having to find a way to either sell or recycle your old furniture on top of all of the work involved with the sale itself.

Conclusion: It really is dependent on your circumstances. Selling your home furnished ticks some appealing boxes such as: saving on removal costs, allowing you to up the market value, and giving you the option of finding a fully furnished property to move into. It is a good option if all of these points make sense to your current circumstances, and especially so if you are moving long distance. 

However, many of us cannot afford to take the risk of moving without our own furnishings, especially if we are moving into an unfurnished property ourselves as this would bring its own headaches along with it. So, weighing it up, the costs associated with removals may very much be worth it in the long run. 

What is great about considering all of this is that there is always a level of compromise. There are pros to each option, so what about selling partially furnished? This will cut down on the amount of work in terms of emptying the property, could save on removals costs and add a little extra appeal to your property without overwhelming those already on the property ladder.

How to choose a SEO company

Everyone needs the best results from marketing. It would help if you were sure about your SEO so that the leads you get helps your business to grow. Choose a company that can give a strategically sound plan for marketing. There are tips about selecting your SEO should look for some qualities to ensure a reliable and efficient team. For knowing about various services, visit

The services

Before selecting, look at what services the company offers. The first thing to look at is their website. Try to analyze from it what services they offer. And what more can you get from than apart from SEO services? You can also look for the certifications and awards they have earned. One more thing to look at is specialization. If the company specializes in any service or industry, you must consider it. Click to know more about the services SEO offers.


For a better future with the company, you must know about its past. Try to connect with their existing customers. And collect more and more details about their services. You think they satisfy customers then you can go for further information. You can also check reviews on various websites, and they are an excellent source.

Ask for samples

The services you are looking for you can ask for some samples or demo of those from them. By this, you will know about the benefits they give to their customers. And if they serve with more than SEO services, you can ask for such services.


You must know who will work for you, their ethics, and morale. You must know about the leadership of the company. All these aspects are available on the internet. By any chance, you get a link with an employee or management there you can get a better view of the company’s performance.

Follow them

You can follow the company on various platforms to know about their audience, knowledge, and tone. Such platforms are informal and will give you an idea about the company’s behaviour and vision. You can always measure the quality of content they provide to clients. And all such things will help you choose a better company.


It would be best if you communicated about the various charges they will cost. It is better to understand how much you have to pay for what. Along with charges always enquire about the contracts they sign. Knowing these things will help you build a healthy relationship.

Group Exercise Is More Fun

Exercise is an important part of any diet even though the makers of Lipozene tell you there is no need to do it. For many people, the concept of exercise brings feelings of dread, and many others just find it boring. The key is to find a way to make exercise fun. For example, if you go read this Lipozene Review you will see it’s not all that great or what you think.

Engage in Group Activities

One of the biggest reasons some people find exercise boring is because it is something they often do alone. They also think of exercise as just something they have to plan in a specific manner; neither of these concepts is correct. Your exercise routine does not have to be what you ordinarily think of as exercise, and you do not have to do it by yourself. Take your partner or a friend and take a walk, go swimming, ride your bike, go to a dance, or just engage in a sports activity you enjoy such as volleyball, tennis, bowling, badmitten, or whatever you like. The important thing is to engage is regular physical activity that allows you to burn calories.

Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

There is no reason exercise has to be boring, and it won’t be unless you allow it to be. You also don’t need to spend hours engaging in physical activity; a few minutes a day is all it takes. If you choose activities you enjoy doing, you will not only exercise, but you will have fun at the same time. If you enjoy music—and who doesn’t—crank up the stereo, boombox, or wherever you play music and get your dancing shoes on! Yes, dancing is very healthy and fun at the same time. Invite your friends and get a party going—dance and have fun without even thinking about it being exercise.

Cleaning House is Exercise

Another thing to consider is housecleaning—it must be done, and it provides a great deal of physical activity. Instead of taking your time, speed up the process or pretend you have company coming. Better yet, invite some friends over to help or invite them for a visit after you clean thus giving you a reason to speed up the process.

Renting a Swiss Watch is Now Possible

Renting a Swiss watch like renting a private jet or a luxury car is what some young companies offers to high-end watchmaking lovers. The American businessman, Randy Brandoff, created the concept named Eleven James in 2018 and it has already started to be adopted in other countries. It is the best alternative for those who want to wear and change Swiss watches anytime they want to without spending a lot of money.

A New Way of Having Swiss Watches

People say that everything can be bought and sold. Currently, everything can also be rented. At a time when ownership of an object is becoming more and more incidental, atypical rental services are flourishing. Like Eleven James, the first concept of a watchmaking club proposing the rental of high-end watches, there are already other similar clubs that have started existing since last months.

As a lover of a beautiful sedan offered for rental during a weekend, those who are fond of beautiful timepieces can therefore adorn themselves with various watches without necessarily buying them definitively. On the other hand, if it is really important to you to purchase a prestigious model with a smaller budget, you can find affordable swiss made automatic watches at Louis Chevrolet.

Swiss Watch Rental: The Customer Experience first

The evolution of consumption patterns, especially in luxury sector, has pushed some new companies to democratize it and make it accessible to the greatest number of customers. Who has never dreamed of wearing an exceptional brand such as Panerai, Cartier or Rolex? Experts are committed to creating a customer experience in complete freedom, without any constraint for them.

As the specialists in watchmaking would say, wanting to try out a new Swiss watch for sale is an impossible mission. No one would let a customer leave with a watch worth several thousands of dollars on their wrist, unlike a car where testing is essential and prior to any purchase. Rental companies thus allow everyone to borrow and try the watches they want to. The goal is to take ownership of the object, to have something beautiful on your wrist and to feel comfortable with it.

When to Rent a Swiss Watch?

At a wedding, an interview, confirming an indecisive purchase or simply wanting to be “on fire”, those new rental companies have everything planned. They allow the public to discover the world of exceptional watchmaking, to be in contact with prestigious watchmakers and individuals wishing to share their collection.