Important tips for someone who plans on buying Wedding Jewellery

It is very important to plan before you go for your wedding shopping, because otherwise this is such a tiresome and gigantic task that brides often freak out and lose their mind because of the constant pressure of getting things right. 

Start early—as gold prices are much higher than they were 10 years ago, any prior purchases by your parents for your wedding can be VERY CONSCIOUS. But if you want to buy a piece of new Jewellery closer to your wedding day, plan it and PUT it back.

“Make” your own souvenirs—By choosing timeless, classic elements of wedding Jewellery, your Jewellery journey will be passed down from generation to generation. So go for classic styles such as a temple-style gold necklace or a simple diamond necklace or even tennis diamond necklace and make history.  Even if your style is different or if some elements don’t feel bridal enough for you, you can always modify and modernize some elements to make them more for you.

Golden advice for every bride 

Gold is a girl’s best friend—yes, a diamond should be your best friend. And yes, people are still eager to wear this gigantic, rough diamond polka dot even though it’s been several years since that movie. BUT don’t forget that the true value lies in gold. Gold is a great financial investment that has a fair resale value as opposed to Jewellery such as the famous Rough Diamonds which are infamously known as the worst Jewellery investment. It’s also a great investment in style and is gaining ground this wedding season!

Jewellery first, then the outfit—Do not make this mistake in life when buying Jewellery based on clothing. Your Jewellery will be worn more often than this wedding dress, so focus on buying that is more “for you” and then find an outfit that suits it.

Keep your balance—Try to strike a balance between gold and silver trim Jewellery. It will be quite annoying to find yourself mostly stuck with yellow gold pieces when most of your dresses and gowns feature silver work or contemporary sequins. The same goes for stones – you may love red, but if you already have a red-stone or ruby set, go for a green stone or emerald set to make sure you always have something to wear.

Don’t worry too much about prices

Ten years ago, the idea of wearing fake Jewellery at your wedding would be blasphemy for most people and they would be worried about your guests. But now brides feel comfortable choosing “fake” silver necklaces and earrings over rough diamonds. Unlike men as men  prefer strong wedding rings,  Each bride has different priorities for her wedding, and we understand that spending a large chunk of your Jewellery budget may not be the path you want to go. Don’t forget the “little” big things when you are buying a set for Wedding .If you’re the type who likes to wear small pendant sets or diamond earrings every day – make part of your wedding Jewellery budget to buy Jewellery that you will REALLY wear every day. Also, don’t forget that these seemingly innocent diamond solitaire games don’t come cheap.