Top Five Areas Most Business Forget To Clean

Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, people have become more aware of cleanliness. And while everyone has gotten into the habit of keeping their hands and other personal things clean and sanitized, there are surfaces that we interact with daily, which get overlooked. Let’s use businesses as an example – especially those that operate in office spaces. As it turns out, office cleaning is a bit more complicated than what many people think.

While you might do an excellent job at cleaning general areas, there are many surfaces that you might miss when cleaning. Here’s a list of the top five places people often forget about when cleaning their office space.


When cleaning your office, don’t forget about your walls. People usually do not think about office walls until they are thinking of hanging a picture. Apart from holding up the ceiling, there often is not much about walls to grab people’s attention – which is why people typically ignore or forget about walls when office cleaning. However, as time goes by, they will attract dust, which, if not cleaned, will lead to a buildup that not only makes the office look dirtier but also duller.


Did you know that the buttons you press every day are as germ-infested as door handles? A lot of people forget to clean door handles when cleaning their offices. And those who do understand how germ-infested these surfaces can be. With that being said, it’s worth noting that there are equally-dirty surfaces that get very little attention compared to door handles – buttons: water fountain buttons, vending machine buttons, elevator buttons, etc. Something worth noting is that some of these are touched as often, or even more than door handles, picking up germs from everybody in the process. However, since most of them are tiny, they often get overlooked.

Spaces Behind Machines

How many machines do you have in your office? As a business, you probably have several printers, computers, and copiers all over the place. If you have a break room, then you probably have several kitchen appliances, including a refrigerator and a microwave, right? Chances are these surfaces get cleaned quite often, considering that they are a crucial part of your business. But what about the spaces behind and between them? How often do you have those cleaned? If your answer was “never,” don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The spaces behind and between equipment and machines are amongst the most neglected when it comes to office cleaning.


Office phones are some of the most germ-infested surfaces you will find in any office as they are often overlooked during cleaning. This is quite disturbing considering the number of people who use them and how often they are used. The worst part is that people do not just touch them with their hands; they also put them up against their faces and speak into them. Phones in the office can become a source of infectious diseases and should be disinfected regularly to keep this from happening.

Light Fixtures

Many people don’t even think about light fixtures when cleaning or having their office space cleaned. The only time these fixtures get some attention is when a bulb has stopped working. However, these fixtures, including light covers and switches, can get dusty and need to be cleaned.

Office Cleaning

As a business, this is the time to start focusing on having overlooked surfaces cleaned. The good thing is that the team at HRM JANITORIAL is comprised of professionals who know what needs to be done. We have experience cleaning all the different types of surfaces most people overlook, which means we do not miss anything. Give us a call now to get a free estimate and learn more about our office cleaning solutions and how we can help you keep your office space clean.