Should You Sell a Home as Furnished or Unfurnished?

When it comes to selling your home, there are so many things to consider. For example, valuations, home-improvements to help the sale, whether you might need storage or temporary accommodation, the list goes on. An additional consideration in the process could be whether you boost your home’s value by selling it as a furnished property. It sounds straightforward, but, in fact, it comes with its own considerations. Let us look at the pros and cons:

Selling your home furnished

The pros: Putting your home on the market as a furnished property can be a big selling point, particularly to first time buyers who may not have all the furniture they need. It can add value to your property as you will include a whole load more in the deal. This, in turn, will allow you to either use the extra cash on new furniture for your move or shop around for an already furnished property yourself. Not only is this a great time-saver, but it will also save you money on removals and storage.

The cons: Taste in furniture is subjective, and your furnished house might not appeal to everyone in the market for a new home. First-time buyers might love the idea of a furnished property, but they may be the only ones those already on the property ladder will likely have furniture of their own. The chances of potential homebuyers willing to also sell their property fully furnished and move into your fully furnished property are relatively slim. Besides that, do you really want to give up the furniture you chose for yourself? It is quite a personal choice but, as we mentioned, there are still some upsides.

Selling your home unfurnished:

The pros: It is probably the most traditional and expected way to put your home on the market so that buyers will not be expecting anything different. Unfurnished property can often be more appealing to a buyer as it allows them to envision their own style within the home, and doesn’t throw a spanner in the works if they already have a lot of furniture that they want to bring with them. You get to take your furniture with you to your new home instantly bringing home-comforts to your new property and saving on any extra time it could take to find and purchase new furniture for the move.

Cons: One of the more stressful aspects of moving to a new house is having to empty the property of furniture, organise and pay for removals and potential storage. A furnished home could bring the property to a higher market value and will certainly appeal to buyers who are relocation or buying for the first time and do not have any furniture to bring with them. If you were hoping for a brand new start, all new furnishings in an all-new home, selling your existing property unfurnished would mean having to find a way to either sell or recycle your old furniture on top of all of the work involved with the sale itself.

Conclusion: It really is dependent on your circumstances. Selling your home furnished ticks some appealing boxes such as: saving on removal costs, allowing you to up the market value, and giving you the option of finding a fully furnished property to move into. It is a good option if all of these points make sense to your current circumstances, and especially so if you are moving long distance. 

However, many of us cannot afford to take the risk of moving without our own furnishings, especially if we are moving into an unfurnished property ourselves as this would bring its own headaches along with it. So, weighing it up, the costs associated with removals may very much be worth it in the long run. 

What is great about considering all of this is that there is always a level of compromise. There are pros to each option, so what about selling partially furnished? This will cut down on the amount of work in terms of emptying the property, could save on removals costs and add a little extra appeal to your property without overwhelming those already on the property ladder.