The Influence of Internet Piracy on the Society

Internet piracy is quite common and is much difficult to stop as it usually involves counterfeiting of software. Internet piracy is illegal in most countries, and most of these countries have allowed classifications or legal laws that occur with the attainment of curbing Internet piracy. There are several techniques introduced on how to control internet piracy – APT212

However, the battle against Internet piracy may not stop any time soon. That’s considering security techniques in addition to those techniques that break and distribute copyright materials. This has attracted some companies like Microsoft to come up with ways of helping software consumers distinguish between pirated and genuine software products.

The 20th century saw many advances in various fields of study. Scientists performed precise operations on real delicate human organs, and the man was able to launch sophisticated machinery. The devices enabled him to realize the outside world that surrounded him. The 20th century also saw some of the most ghastly pictures with regard to the two main wars that fought. 

Following the end of Word War 2, commercialization of internet began, and everyone can now maintain their accounts, and effectively connect with friends and relatives. With the advent of the internet, came other realizations too. The mainframe computer got replaced by the personal and minicomputers, and this had a more personalized effect on the internet use by individuals – APT212.

Moral and Ethical Aspects of Internet Piracy

Internet piracy is illegal in most countries and especially the developed ones. Even in those countries that seem to lack proper legislation to ensure its legal classification, there still exists more or less, legal laws. Those are enforced to the extent of prohibiting internet piracy. If one has to consider internet piracy as prohibited by the law, then engaging in internet piracy is illegal, and thus morally incorrect. One would wonder whether borrowing and using digital material illegally acquired would amount to internet piracy.

People who engage in the illegal downloading of music files, software or books, justify their acts by pointing out to the fact that in the real sense, they are not harming anybody. Receiving pirated digital material is in effect, receiving and handling stolen property, even though it may seem that nobody has been injured, it is still stealing and or handling stolen property, a vice perceived as unethical in the society – APT212.

Internet Piracy Hurts the Economy

Vast swathes of the Internet are currently protesting on legislation that would censor the Internet and burden various sites with impossible to meet regulatory needs. 

Effects of Internet Piracy to the World

Proponents of online piracy insist that the financial effect of piracy is negligible and thus in some cases, piracy can realistically assist sales of a product. They claim that the big majority of people who pirate software, music, and videos are not the kind of people who would buy the product initially. 

Some also claim some people pirate music to test if they enjoy it. After confirming so, they start buying actual CDs or legal copies of original songs, attending concerts and donating funds into the system – APT212.