German Shepherd Dogs: Sharp and Loyal Canine Breed


When it comes to German shepherd dogs, the picture of a diligent, extremely intelligent, faithful, and gentle canine breed comes to the mind. German Shepherd dog is one of the smartest dog breeds. The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) exhibits large sizes. Male canines feature between 24 to 26 inches while female GSDs come in 22 to 24 inches. Besides, they feature athletic yet simple structures. That is why they are agile as well as powerful.

German shepherds are extremely herding canines. However, they are well suitable for performing as service animals. German shepherds also work as working dogs in various important operations. Also, they act as efficient guard dogs. Moreover, the German shepherd breed can make an ideal companion for the right owners. 

German Shepherd- In a Nutshell

German shepherds belong to the herding group. Their height is in the range of 22 to 26 inches and weight is between 60 to 100 pounds. These dogs have a coarse double coat with medium length. 

Most of the coat colors of German shepherds are acceptable, including gray, black & cream, black & silver, sable, black & tan, solid black, and so on. However, liver or blue is not favorable colors for German shepherds, as per their standards. Besides, white is an unacceptable color, according to the breed standard. The life expectancy of German shepherds is 7 to 10 years. 

How to Take Care of German Shepherds?

German shepherds exhibit coarse, rough, medium-length hair along with bushy undercoats. Owners need to brush his/her German shepherd’s coats very frequently. Moreover, these dogs display a considerably high shedding rate. However, owners can alleviate it through routine grooming. 

It is very natural to discover hairs around if a German shepherd is there in the house. Hence, frequent vacuuming is necessary for German shepherd owners. The coat of German shepherds can withstand dirt and scrap. That is why the owners need to bathe their German shepherds only once a month. Otherwise, the natural oils of its body could get removed, and it won’t be good for its health. 

The German shepherd owners must trim the nails of their pets to enable them to walk around with ease. Moreover, it is also a must to assist the canine to keep up proper dental hygiene. Therefore, owners must brush their teeth a few times a week. 

GSDs exhibit powerful jaws and they tend to chew. Therefore, owners should make robust chew toys available for them. These canines may often become aggressive or anxious in case they are not well trained as well as controlled. German shepherd dogs can be trained to carry out a task. Performing tasks give them a sense of pride. 

Thorough training is necessary for German shepherds. However, the canine breed is eager to work as well as intelligent. Therefore, training these dogs is comparatively easy. Besides, appropriate socialization is also a must to ensure to eliminate their stress or scared feelings whenever they interact with new animals or individuals. 

Proper socializing is also imperative whenever German shepherds face a new environment. GSDs usually want to keep them aloof whenever they are around new individuals. Moreover, they can become suspicious. 

Day-to-Day Activities of German Shepherds

German shepherds exhibit amazing energy level. Therefore, proper day-to-day exercise is a must for them. Even they need much more exercise than just a regular walk. Joggers can find German shepherds a decent running companion for them. 

The GSD must play, run, and discover to weed out boredom, suppressed energy, and frustrations. A bored canine may show various issues, such as digging, barking, etc. 

Nature of German Shepherds

In short, GSDs can act as extremely gentle companions if trained well. They can also work as family protectors if get the correct training. Moreover, socialization is also essential in these regards. The German shepherd is an appropriate canine breed when it comes to active households.

Diet & Nutrition

Owners must serve two meals per day to their German shepherds. It needs to be dry dog food of two cups at a maximum. However, the food serving size is based on various factors of GSDs, such as age, activity level, size, and so on. 

German shepherds are susceptible to bloating as well as potential stomach torsion. Therefore, it is recommended for the owners to refrain from serving a large meal each day to their GSDs. Thus, they can prevent their pets to gulp the food down. Moreover, it is also essential to ensure fresh and clean water for German shepherds. 

Adoption of German Shepherds

Do you want to adopt a GSD? Then, you can contact either German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions or German Shepherd Dog Club of America. These two groups offer necessary guidance and let the enthusiasts know about the phases of adoption. Are you curious whether a German shepherd would be an ideal canine breed for you or not? Then, it may be a good idea to go for foster care to find out whether a GSD would be a suitable breed for your household.