Passing a Drug Test with Fake Piss

Passing a Drug Test with Fake Piss

A lot of young people that get their first job don’t even know that they might have a drug test in the near future. Marijuana users are usually the first suspects and employers are moving towards upgrading the way they do testing in order to catch them. Every detail about how they manage it is important if you want to be prepared and able to pass it. This also includes what type of company you work in that does the testing or how serious is the tester if it isn’t job-related.

In the past decade, we saw an expansion in the detox market and people are now using some of the products in everyday life. One of the products they don’t use regularly is fake urine that is mostly used in cheating on the drug test. All of these products are very affordable and depend on how important it is for you to pass it you won’t have any problem spending some extra money.

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Getting Drugs Out of Your System

In order to get drugs out of your system, you need to know how long they may last and how you should approach it. There are 4 types of tests including blood, saliva, urine and hair. The drugs stay in your saliva and blood almost the same but you can use the same method when you want to clean your system. For example, the most used drug is marijuana and it stays in your blood and saliva for one to two days.

The time will also depend on how much you are using and how much your system is polluted. Hair follicle test is more reliable then urine and some employers are looking to apply that type of testing in the future but for now it is too expensive for a larger number of workers. The urine test is most common and depending on the amount you use it can be out of your system after 1 to 30 days.

A good thing about synthetic urine or fake urine is that you don’t need to look at the time you have to detox because you won’t provide your own sample. This may be tricky if you have supervision but privacy should be important. Even if it is the easiest way to pass, you should be prepared for it. Also, if your test starts in a week, you will need some time to get the product and check if you have any problems with it before going. Read here for more info.

How to Prepare?

Preparation starts once you hear that you will be tested. You should stop using whatever drug you are using so your body can start doing its own detox. Most of the people will be skeptical about using these products so, to make sure, they will use a couple of them if something goes wrong. This is recommended if you aren’t sure you will pass. Some people will use a detox drink and still bring synthetic urine so if they aren’t able to use fake urine they will just use their own sample and rely on the detox drink.

For buying the product you will need a couple of days because you need to find the right one that can be delivered in 24 hours or at least 48 hours. It’s very important that you have some spare time to try it. If your test starts in 2 weeks then you have plenty of time to prepare and get more information from people that have already been in this situation. Most recommended is to buy a belt meant for this product that will hold the fake urine. Make sure it is placed at the right spot and tight against your body so you can keep the temperature around 36C.

Providing the Sample

Testers are doing their job every day and they went through many situations where people tried to cheat so they know very well what can happen. Employers will tell them how strict they should be but most likely they won’t spy on you when you are providing the sample. This doesn’t mean you should be relaxed.

Check if they are looking you with suspicion and they aren’t, you can proceed with your goal. Some people panic in these situations and if you have a problem with it then try to prepare a couple of methods and do the one you feel comfortable the most. Some testers won’t talk when they notice something but that is pure luck.

Failing the Test

Failing the drug test isn’t something that you should fear because you can request a second chance because some food contains certain chemicals that can be detected on the test. You won’t get a third chance but it shouldn’t even come to the second one. If you just can use synthetic urine because you are being supervised and you have to use your own, don’t worry if you are a moderate user.

A good thing about urine test is that it isn’t that reliable. If you are a moderate use then THC can get out of your system in a couple of days with just natural detox. So, if you fail to use the product, there’s a high chance you will pass it anyway. That’s why some users will do the detoxification and try to use synthetic urine like a backup plan.

After Testing

In most of the bottles, you will have more fake urine that you need. When you finish the test remember to throw it away. If you didn’t pass and the second is in a week, you shouldn’t use the same product again. Like most of the products, fake urine also has an expiration date.

It’s smart to order two products and keep one in a room temperature place for the next occasion. Once you open the package it won’t last long because many things may interfere with the chemicals in it. Even sunlight and heat can affect the pH levels that will be detected on the test.