Dumbbell squats for buttocks

Hello friends! And again, we will talk about squats, or rather, we will disassemble squats with dumbbells, for the buttocks! Of course, to a greater extent this issue is of interest to girls, for obvious reasons.

Guys, of course, should be more interested in hips, or rather hips AU roids. Such an exercise – like squats, in any case affects the gluteal muscles, but you can make it so that the emphasis was on them, but you can make the load focus on the hips.

Next, I want to talk about exactly how to squat, in order to accentuate the load on the gluteal muscles. Actually, there is nothing complicated here – you just need to lower yourself to the desired level, or put your feet at a certain distance.

Sumo Squats

Squats “sumo” are also called “plie”. This is a wide-leg squat. In this exercise, if you squat with weight, you will be able to take more weight, since partially strong muscles such as the gluteal muscles take on the load. I want to note that to perform this exercise you need good mobility in the hip join.

If we talk about technology, then there is nothing complicated.

We put our legs wider than shoulders, at a distance convenient for you. Socks should look towards the knees, the back at the starting position is flat, the chest is protruded. Sinking down, the back gradually leans, but it does not need to be bent in any place. We look forward, or slightly up. During the execution of this exercise, you need to constantly monitor the work of muscles, focus on them. We drop as low as possible, but so that there is no pain in the knee and hip joint.

Deep squats

You can squat with your legs shoulder-width apart or a little wider (you can say with the standard one), but you need to lower yourself as low as possible. Bodybuilding in Australia practically does not use deep squats, for the reason that falling below the parallel, the gluteal muscles begin to be actively involved in the work, but in bodybuilding, the big gluteal muscles are not needed.

The technique is also not complicated, but you need to constantly monitor it.

The legs should be shoulder width or slightly wider. Socks look towards the knees. Shifting the knees to another plane during the exercise is not allowed. We hold the back, in the starting position and during the exercise, as vertically as possible. We look upward or horizontally.

In any kind of squats, you need to rest on your heels, not on your socks. We take our shoulders back and keep our back straight. We control every movement, we try to purposefully emphasize the load on the muscles we need.

Dumbbell Squats

Well, now I want to say a few words directly about squats with dumbbells for buttocks. Dumbbells can be held on the arms lowered on the sides (in the case of setting the legs shoulder-width apart), between the legs (in squats “plie”), and also can be held on arms bent at the elbows at the chest. To lower as low as possible, you can use additional equipment in the form of platforms, stools and so on – they can be used in any squats when the dumbbells are lowered. Such an exercise as squatting, it seems to me, is necessary for everyone to perform. It works very well on the lower body, and as a result, there are many bonuses: it is easier to move, walk, overcome various obstacles.